Friday, May 1, 2009

The Little Stranger

My copy of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters arrived from yesterday, and I immediately began reading it. It is a compelling read. This is just a brief entry to note that mention is made on page 65 of a house I've seen in Richmond, Virginia. In the book, a family has just bought an old manor house called Standish, and Caroline Ayres says, ". . . or maybe they'll sell the house to the Americans. They'll ship it over and have it rebuilt like they did with Warwick Priory."

Warwick Priory was disassembled, shipped over to the U.S. and rebuilt in Richmond. I have visited it and photographed it and will now post one of those photos. It is now known as Virginia House. To read about its history, click here.

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  1. What a beautiful house. I see from the linked website that it has all the external beauty of English Tudor with the modern convenience of 20th century America - a perfect combination.