Sunday, November 29, 2009

New England Life

The following list is from an article in the New York Times for August 6, 1898 titled "New England Life: Twenty-five Books Giving Comprehensive Pictures of It":
  • Guardian Angel, O.W. Holmes
  • Elsie Venner, O.W. Holmes
  • The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table, O.W. Holmes
  • Professor at the Breakfast Table, O.W. Holmes
  • The Poet at the Breakfast Table, O.W. Holmes
  • Over the Teacups, O.W. Holmes
  • The Biglow Papers, James Russell Lowell
  • Captain Courageous, Rudyard Kipling
  • Prudence Palfrey, Thomas Bailey Adrich
  • A Singular Life, Mrs. Phelps Ward
  • A Native of Winby, Miss Jewett
  • The Country Doctor, Miss Jewett
  • The Minister's Wooing, Mrs. Stowe
  • Oldtown Folks, (no author given)
  • Odd or Even, Mrs. Whitney
  • John Ward, Preacher, Mrs. Deland
  • Somebody's Neighbors, Mrs. Cooke
  • Rowena in Boston, Miss Pool
  • Danvis Folks, Rowland E. Robinson
  • Two Coronets, M.A. Tincker
  • Malbone, T.W. Higginson
  • Dr. Breen's Practice, W.D. Howells
  • The Minister's Charge, W.D. Howells
  • Herman; or, Young Knighthood, S.H. Palfrey
  • The Pagans, Arlo Bates

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