Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lavender Morning

I started reading Lavender Morning by Jude Devereaux based on the blurb describing a young woman, Jocelyn, who inherits an 18th century house on the James River in Virginia. What a wonderful premise for a book! I would love to be in Jocelyn's shoes with a James River plantation house to love and live in and experience. In my imagination my house would have in its attic boxes of letters and diaries for me to read; I would research the history of the house and its inhabitants and have a wonderful time learning about those who had lived in the house before me. Of course, in this dream I would have enough money to maintain the house in pristine condition and fill it with appropriate furnishings.

Well so far, Lavender Morning has focused not on the house but on potential romantic partners for Jocelyn, and in that sense the book is a disappointment to me. A ghostly presence in the house would help me to enjoy it more, and maybe there will be one later on. But for now I have been sidetracked by Wilkie Collins' No Name.

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