Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Name - the fun begins

I can tell I am going to enjoy Wilkie Collins' No Name. There are several "hooks" in the beginning that keep the reader reading, wanting to learn the answers to little mysteries that Collins has created: what was in the letter from New Orleans that caused Mr. and Mrs. Vanstone to rush off to London for three weeks? What is the connection to New Orleans? What has brought Mr. Wragge to the Vanstones' home?

The younger daughter, Magdalen, is more vibrant than her older sister Norah. From the introduction written by Collins, I'm guessing that Magdalen is going to be the focus of the book, as it is difficult to believe that Norah would ever do anything of interest to the reader. Norah is 26, unmarried; Magdalen is 18, also unmarried, full of herself and life, enthusiasm overflowing at every turn.

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